WTNG 100 Summary #1


Title: Picture This: Reflecting Diversity in Children’s Book Publishing

Author: Uncategorized


Date: September 14, 201


Favorite line: We need diverse books

Summary: This article basically talks about the lack of diversity children’s books have. He/She basically gives you information on this matter and talks about the progress we should be making. The article also provides information that defends this case and a visually self explanatory picture that shows the percentage of what ethnicities  are usually being illustrated in childrens books. Studies prove that there are 73.3% whites and 12.5% animals illustrated in children’s books and only 7.6% African Americans, 3.3% Asians, 2.4 latinx and 0.9 % American/native Indians which is insane.Thankfully this opened the eyes of a lot of people on how this needs to change. This is something that hits home for me because as a child I never saw a Latino illustrated in any of the books I read. I wish I got to read a book that had a boy or even a girl that made me say “wow he/ she looks like me…Latino”. Someone i could relate to and make me want to engage more in reading. I’m glad this is being brought to peoples attention and hopefully these percentages change to a more even number within all ethnicity’s.


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